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Application Form for Seeking Transit Pass by the owner of Trees
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Note:  PDF Format only for uploading the files

  1. Copy of approval of felling permission generated online from Online Tree Felling Software/any other approval of the competent authority of HP Forest department/ Approval received from GoI under FCA 1980 (In case  Forest Land has been diverted under the provisions of FCA only). *    
2. Proof of ownership (Land Revenue Papers) in case of Private lands/Non Forest Govt. Lands. *    
3. Scanned legible copy of the application duly signed by the applicant uploaded on the site indicating there in clearly the species and abstract of the trees felled and timber/other forest produce obtained there from along with the description of timber, and the purpose for which the trees have been felled and purpose for which transit permission is sought for duly authenticated by the owner himself.*      
  4. In case a Non-Forest Govt. Land is involved, the timber shall be either sold to HPSFDC Ltd., or will be used only for Departmental Purposes. So, the Transit Permission shall be sought for only keeping in view the above purposes and proof there of shall be uploaded.*      
5. Photo Identity (Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Ration Card, Driving License, Employee ID Card, Voter ID Card, and any other authentic document as admissible in all Govt. Transactions and issued by a competent authority etc.) So, the Transit Permission will be issued only keeping in view the above purposes. No sale of such timber/Forest Produce is permitted at any cost.  So, the Transit Permit will be issued keeping in view the above facts only (Applicant will upload an application stating above facts).*      
  CERTIFICATE: I have read the provisions contained in HP Forest produce Transit (Land Routes) Rules , I certify that the Forest Produce for which the Tree Transit Pass has been sought for has been obtained legally after observing all the codal formalities as per the Provisions of Indian Forest Act 1927 and I further undertake that in case of any violation of the provisions under the rules, I shall be liable to be proceeded against under provisions of the law.    
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